About Us

We are the Miller’s and the family behind Premium Gold® Flax Products and Centennial Farm Family. We reside and work on the rolling hills of the pothole region in Central North Dakota. There is nothing that makes any family prouder than when a son and daughter choose to join in the family business in conjunction with this is; when your family and friends are team and work mates.

Our family is a typical North Dakota farm family. That means with the help of God we put our heart, soul, and talents into everything we do and develop. In our area it’s all about teamwork and volunteerism, we are just a few of the many residents in small town America that freely give of their time and talents. Our family members and employees are involved in local township, rural water, community and county school boards; USDA- Farm Service Agency County Committee, volunteer fire department, ambulance, economic development, and church organizations to name a few. This is an important part of community growth.

Premium Gold Flax Products and Processing Inc. is a natural off shoot of our 5th generation active farming operation “Miller Family Farm”. Our family has been farming and raising flaxseed in central North Dakota since the turn of the century. Manufacturing our unique Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, True Cold Milled® Flaxseed is what we do best. Golden Flax For Life® Whole Seed or True Cold Milled® cold milled in our proprietary fashion is our unique signature of excellence.

Do you know where your flaxseed comes from? We do and so should you! Our Omega rich Golden Flaxseed is a unique breed, which is hand selected and especially developed for human consumption that adds a mild non obtrusive flavor and addition to your favorite foods.

We are the company and family in charge. Our job includes everything from the preparation of the seedbed to the maintenance of the soil quality, to the hard fast pace of a timely harvest. At Premium Gold® we make it a point to nurture and supervise every phase of our production.

Our Proprietary True Cold Milled Process® has a naturally extended shelf life of 18 to 24 months after opening, refrigeration is not required. None of our products contain preservatives, additives, and are Non- GMO.

Premium Gold facilities are FDA, State, Kosher, and Organic certified and/or inspected. We offer 100% product of the USA and we are proud members of Pride of Dakota products.

Our company motto is: “If this flaxseed is not on our table, it will not be on yours.”

That’s why we chose the name Premium Gold®, because it is the only quality flaxseed that you will be receiving from our company. We stake our proud family name on bringing gourmet products to you.

Thank you for choosing our gourmet Flaxseed Company,

The Miller Family

Randy, Deborah, Jordan, Lindsay,
And our dedicated staff of friends and family