Organic Golden Omega TCM® Ground Flaxseed, 20 lbs.

20 lbs. of our True Cold Milled™ (TCM®) Organic Pre-Ground Flaxseed
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20 lbs. of our True Cold Milled® (TCM®) Organic Ground Flaxseed with Measuring Scoop & Recipes PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

• 100% Organic
• Pre-Ground Flaxseed
• Gluten-Free
• Packaged in bulk box with plastic liner

Our unique and patent pending cold milling process provides you with the highest quality milled flax available. Cold milling seals in the Omega oils and our stay fresh re-sealable pouch maintains quality. Experience the convenience and quality of True Cold Milled® Premium Gold Flaxseed. Retains freshness without refrigeration.

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